Inbox Scanning


The Traxo Inbox Scanning System builds on existing Traxo platform components to deliver a hosted solution capable of detecting changes to a subscriber's email inbox, identifying travel-related emails based on a proprietary rules engine, and parsing those emails into structured travel data.

“Scanner” is the term used to indicate an instance of an authorized traveler email account for a particular scanning service (Gmail, etc) and will be the primary interface object when working with the scanning system programmatically.

Support for Gmail and Google G Suite accounts is currently available. Support for additional mail services will be provided in the future based on the availability of required integration points.

The developer will be responsible for all charges assessed by Google for Traxo to access the mailboxes. The developer will also be responsible for acquiring read-only access from each individual Gmail account holder via the Gmail OAuth workflow and providing those credentials to Traxo. Traxo will utilize the provided credentials for each remote email inbox to detect changes and parse any supported travel-related emails.

Email metadata is used to determine relevance. Message contents are not retrieved until a Traxo rule is matched. Only emails that match a rule will be considered for parsing by Traxo. Rest assured that Traxo will not, under normal operating conditions, retrieve or store the contents of any unmatched emails in whole or in part.


  • API access to Traxo is established and properly configured.
  • A Traxo application has be created, the Traxo client_id is known, and a webhooks endpoint is properly configured for the Traxo API client.
  • The developer has access to the Google Developer Console for their organization and can provide a valid payment method to Google to activate various Google services.
  • The developer has the ability to direct the traveler through the required Google OAuth2 authorization steps and securely deliver the access token to Traxo via the Traxo API.


Establish a Gmail API application
Integrate the Inbox Scanner authorization process into a traveler-facing application
Collect access credentials from the traveler
Create a scanner
Handle error events


Scanning services

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