Traxo Developer Platform

Structured travel data for your travel-inspired applications.

Capture Travel Data

Traxo parses, normalizes, and structures travel data from thousands of airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, OTAs, and many more. With the Traxo API, that data is now available to you. Register as a developer to discover how you can power your applications with Traxo.

Add your customers’ travel booking data to your apps.

Transform travel booking and hotel folio emails from text, html, or PDF format to JSON. Automatically parse emails from thousands of booking sources with results delivered in seconds. Manual parsing backup delivers complete supplier coverage so valid emails are never missed.

Support for thousands of booking sources, thousands of templates, and growing

Traxo supports over 4,000 email formats from hundreds of suppliers, online travel agencies, and TMCs – in 20+ languages – with our automatic email parsing. Coverage expands with more airlines, hoteliers, car rental agencies, and more added every week.

Found a rare format that Traxo doesn’t yet support? Contact our team for custom parser development.

Why build with Traxo?

Traxo helps our members and enterprise partners travel organized by consolidating and structuring trip information from hundreds of travel suppliers. The Traxo API is a rich JSON interface to valuable future travel plans and historical itinerary data for each member.

Ideal for mobile applications on any platform, the Traxo API is also a key component for our partners performing tasks from expense reporting to marketing and from airport and airline operations to traveler support services.

Developers can make their first API call in less than 2 minutes using the interactive API explorer on the developer portal and Traxo engineers are always available for support.


Make your first API call in less than 2 minutes using the interactive API documentation. Traxo engineers are always available for support.

  1. Signup: Navigate to the Traxo Console and signup.
  2. Create a team: Create a developer team. You can invite your teammates later.
  3. Get API credentials: Create an API client and download your credentials.